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By David Grandy

Originally printed in the JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2006 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: Grandy, David. 'Science and the Occult: Where the Twain Meet.' Quest  94.1 (JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2006):13-17.

When I was in graduate school, one of my professors, an eminent historian of medieval science espoused in his lectures what one student affectionately tagged as the Old Man River theory of scientific progress. The professor asserted that in his research he found no evidence of social or cultural factors impinging on the development of medieval science: driven purely by intellectual thought, the science, just kept rolling along. I suspect the professor would not have made this claim to a more sophisticated audience; although he had little patience with any attempt to explain science as nothing but a reaction to outside cultural forces, he was savvy enough to know that there is more to the story of science than just intellectual thought.

By Theodore St. John

By Fred Alan Wolf

Originally printed in the SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2005 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: Wolf, Fred Alan. 'A Brief Overview of Sacred Time and Space.' Quest  93.5 (SEPTERMBER-OCTOBER 2005):180-184


by T.B. Harbottle

May 5, 1888
Reprinted from “Theosophical Siftings” Volume 1
The Theosophical Publishing Society, England

IN approaching the subject of re-incarnation, we are confronted at the outset with a very serious difficulty. Like all other portions of the Esoteric Doctrine, re-incarnation, when considered alone, is not only incapable of satisfactory proof, but has no intelligible raison d’être. it is only when examined as an integral part of the whole system that its place and function in the scheme of human evolution become apparent, and that the arguments in its favour can be advanced, and those brought against it be repelled, with any degree of success.

H.P.B. on Meditation & Yoga

An Article by Geoffrey Farthing

Many books have been written on the subject of meditation and yoga but very few in the light of Theosophy and fewer still against the specific teachings of H.P.B. and her Masters.
The main sources of our information are the third volume of The Secret Doctrine (1897 Edition) (S.D.), Volume XII of the Collected Writings (de Zirkoff) (CW), certain passages elsewhere in the Collected Writings, the writings of Subba Rao and last but very importantly H.P.B.'s Meditation Diagram.  Coupled with all these and specifically referred to by H.P.B. is The Voice of the Silence. What H.P.B. has to say sometimes goes directly counter to much written elsewhere about both meditation and some types of yoga and their practice.

[Communication with Masters] (1)

by H.P. Blavatsky

[Reprinted from The Theosophist (Adyar, 
Madras, India), February 1908, pp. 393-394.]
The following was written by H. P. B. in 1885 to an intimate friend (2):
It has been said by Babajee that "only the chela, entranced, can reach to the normal objective (meaning physical and personal) state of the Mahatmas".  How then about those who live with Them --- whether chelas or ignorance servants, those who see Them again objectively in Their material bodies?  Unless one regarded the Masters as “Spirits” the query seems pretty unanswerable.  If the above sentence, on the other hand, relates only to the Mahatmas at a distance, then the question changes.


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