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Theosophy World is a collection of Theosophical resources available for those researching a specific topic, wanting to find information, how to get information or for those wishing to put together programmes, presentations or contact people who are doing work in these areas. The intention is to make material available on this website and easily accessed through several means.


Secrets of the Esoteric Tradition by Ray Grasse

Mystics through the ages have long alluded to an underground stream of esoteric knowledge largely hidden from public view, and generally unavailable in published texts. Drawing on his experience with the oral teachings of Kriya Yoga, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism, this six-part webinar by Ray Grasse explores a variety of key insights from the great mystery traditions. Ray Grasse studied for 15 years with teachers in the Kriya Yoga tradition, and studied under John Daido Loori at Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York. He's also studied with such well-known figures as Joseph Campbell, Chogyam Trungpa, Manly Palmer Hall, and Namkai Norbu. He worked on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and the Quest magazine at the Theosophical Society for 10 years, and is author of The Waking Dream (Quest Books 1996) and Signs of the Times (Hampton Roads 2002). His websites are and

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