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Talk at the School of the Wisdom, Adyar, 5 December 1957.
Published in
The Theosophist, September, 1995.

There is an article by T. Subba Row, whom HPB held in very high regard as an occultist, entitled ‘The Occultism of South India’. In that he speaks of the two Paths, one of which is the steady, natural path of progress, on which there is all-round and sure growth. The other is through a series of initiations, and only a few specially organized and peculiar natures are fit for this. People who progress along the easier, natural path do not in any way suffer by doing so, nor is the final attainment anything less, but the Path of Initiation is meant only for certain people, because it is really a forcing process. Instead of developing very gradually and comparatively easily, the chela is helped to hasten his own growth and attain prematurely, so to speak, a knowledge of his spiritual nature. There is a relation set up between the pupil or chela and the Adept who directs through the chela various occult forces which force his growth.

Subba Row says further that Sri Sankaracharya, whom HPB speaks of in The Secret Doctrine as the greatest Initiate in historic ages, recommended the natural, easy, steady path to those who followed him, and to his successors in that particular office. We must not imagine that Adeptship and Initiation are chance happenings; they are strictly a product of Nature. The Adept Hierarchy has its important function, which is to keep open the upward Path through which descend the forces needed for humanity’s growth.

Beautiful quotes by N Sri Ram, the 5th International President of the Theosophical Society headquartered in Adyar, Chennai, India.
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