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Abul Fazl and Akbar

Abul Dazel and Akbar published by C Jinarajadasa

T H E chief value of this brief monograph-an a ddress delivered to the Islamic Culture Society of Madras-lies in its quotations. As a necklet of gems requires a thread to bind them, so has my enthusiasm for Abul Fazl and Akbar become as a thread on which are strung the many extracts from Abul Fazl, Badaoni and others. The works in which these extracts lie are rarely found in an ordinary library in India. I am in hopes that my little essay will show those in India who believe in " Indianisation ", and those outside India who believe in " Fraternisation ", that there lived once upon a time two great men who are among the most advanced of the modems.

- C Jinarajadasa

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