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Tanhic Elementals

Also called Human Elementals. These are the entities formed after the death of a person which then become the source of the new astral forms of the next incarnation. After the Ego leaves Devachan, a new astral entity is formed in the Auric Envelope and its qualities are determined by the tanhic elemental. It is to this that the Key to Theosophy(Sec. 8) referred to when it states: “Karma, with its army of Skandhas, waits at the threshold of Devachan.” The Ego and the astral form then are “karmically propelled” towards the family or woman to which it will be born. This new astral form is composed “partly of the pure Akasic Essence of the Auric ‘Egg,’ and partly of the terrestrial elements of the punishable sins and misdeeds of the last Personality.” The fetus is then modeled after the astral form (CW XII:609-610). Gottfried de PURUCKER uses the term “life-atoms” to describe these elementals. Charles W. LEADBEATER calls them the anu or “permanent atom.” See also Atom.


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