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Radio Station 2GB

(Sydney, Australia). Probably the only broadcasting station established and maintained by the Theosophical Society (TS). Its call sign of 2GB was selected in honor of Giordano Bruno. The station was opened on August 23, 1926, at Adyar Hall, Sydney by the then Minister for Education the Hon. T. D. Mutch, who was introduced by George Arundale. The first directors of the company were George Arundale, John Mackay, and A. E. Bennett.

The transmitter was, at 15kW, the most powerful in the southern hemisphere. The studios were located at the Australian Section building at Bligh Street, Sydney, and programs were relayed by landline to the transmitter located at The Manor at Mosman, the home of a theosophical group led by Charles Leadbeater.

The TS eventually lost control of the station, but continued to broadcast weekly theosophical programs until the late 1980’s.


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