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Fussell, Joseph Hall

(1863-1942). Born in Nottingham, England, educated in mathematics and physics at University College and taught science at the University school, Fussell came to the United States in 1890 and the same year became a member of the Theosophical Society (TS) after meeting William Q. JUDGE, General Secretary of the American Section of the TS. In 1892 Fussell became private secretary to Judge. Dr. Fussell joined the Society under Helena P. BLAVATSKY. When the American Section seceded from the parent body (whose international headquarters are in Adyar, a section of Chennai, India) and moved its headquarters from New York City to Point Loma, California, Joe Fussell became its Secretary General as well as a private secretary to Judge’s successor, Katherine TINGLEY. He was Chairman of the Cabinet under both Tingley and her successor, Gottfried de PURUCKER as well as holding confidential posts under the first three Presidents of the Point Loma TS, Judge, Tingley, and de Purucker. He was a 32o Freemason, active for many years in the San Diego Masonic Lodge, and wrote a series of articles on Masonry and Theosophy for The Theosophical Path, the journal of the Point Loma group.


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