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Brahmavidya Ashrama

An institution established by the Theosophical Society (TS) on October 2, 1922, with the aim of bringing under the light of theosophy all branches of knowledge. It had a staff of twenty lecturers at the beginning, with James H. Cousins as the Registrar of the Ashrama. It aimed to respond to the following declared needs:

  1. that a body of earnest workers, mainly in India, for the uplift of humanity, who are strong in intuition and abstract thought, but lack the definition and intellectual power which are derivable from a synthesized knowledge of modern culture in its aspects of thought and artistic and social activity;
  2. that of scattered persons in various parts of the world, who have been reared in a scientific and commercial atmosphere, but who feel the need of a clue to the apparent maze of life, and an attitude of human comradeship and cooperation based on a sound understanding of the real nature of things;
  3. that of certain students in India and elsewhere who, having finished their ordinary education, and being without urgent need to engage in professional or business life, require a course of all-round scientific, cultural and spiritual training.

In 1922, 176 lectures were conducted on mysticism, religion, philosophy, literature and drama, arts and crafts, and science. Three lectures were given daily. It ceased to be active after some years. In its place, The School of The Wisdom was established in 1950 by C. Jinarājadāsa.




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