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Anu (Aṇu)

(Aṇu) Anu (with dotted “n”) means an atom, minute part. In The Secret Doctrine it refers to the “Primordial Atom” (Vol. I, p. 148). In Vol. II, Helena P. BLAVATSKY refers to the Chaldean Cosmogony where Anu is “the concealed deity, the One, whose name . . . shows it to be of Sanskrit origin” (SD I:357).

The term anu has been used to refer to the “ultimate physical atom” in later theosophical writings. See OCCULT CHEMISTRY.

The differentiation, in Sanskrit, between aṇu and anu is disregarded in Theosophical literature, but should be noted here; the latter aṇu, is a prefix attached to verbs or nouns, and meaning “after, under, according, to, etc.” — or as a separate preposition meaning “after, near to, toward, etc.”




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