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Åtman/Anåtman in Buddhism and Its Implicationfor the Wisdom Tradition by Nancy Reigle

Nancy Reigle

Does Christianity believe in reincarnation? Of course, it does not. Yet, students of the Wisdom Tradition may seek to find evidence that early Christians did accept reincarnation. Similarly in Buddhism. Does Buddhism believe in the åtman, the permanent self? Certainly, the Buddhist religion does not. Yet, there is evidence that the Buddha when teaching his basic doctrine of anåtman, no-self, only denied the abiding reality of the personal or empirical åtman, but not the universal or authentic åtman.

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The foregoing article was written by Nancy Reigle, and originallypresented as part of the program, “Theosophy’s Tibetan Connection,”at the Annual Meeting of the Texas Federation of the TheosophicalSociety in America, San Antonio, April 18-20, 2008.