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Seven Creations

The creations mentioned in the Hindu Puranas. These creations are preceded by an undifferentiated state or principle. They are listed by Helena P. BLAVATSKY as follows (from the Visnu Purana):

(1) Mahatattwa, the Universal Soul, Infinite Intellect, or Divine Mind; (2) Bhuta or Bhutasarga, elemental creation, the first differentiation of Universal indiscrete Substance; (3) Indriya or Aindriyaka, organic evolution. “These three were the Prakrita creations, the developments of indiscrete nature preceded by indiscrete principle”; (4) Mukhya, the fundamental creation of perceptible things, was that of inanimate bodies; (5) Tairyagyonya, or Tiryaksrotas, was that of animals; (6) Urdhwasrotas, or that of divinities(?); (7) Arvaksrotas, was that of man. (SD I:446)


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