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Ouspensky, Peter Demianovich

(Uspenskii, Petr Demianovich) (1878-1947) A well-known pupil of Gurdjieff. He was born in Moscow and first came to public notice with his book, The Fourth Dimension, (1909), which dealt with abstract mathematical theory. His second book, Tertium Organum which was written in 1912, created a sensation when it was later published in 1922. A New Model of the Universe, which was written in 1914 and revised in 1929, appeared in America in 1931 where it was described as “one of the most important philosophical works of our times.”

Apart from his mathematical and philosophical works, Ouspensky was prominent as a disciple of G. I. Gurdjieff, who was famous during the first half of the twentieth century as an Armenian mystic and a teacher of an esoteric philosophy. Ouspensky describes how and when he first met Gurdjieff in his book entitled In Search of the Miraculous (1949) which was published in America and had the sub-title, Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.

Ouspensky died near London in 1947.


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