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International Theosophical Center, The

A Theosophical property located at NAARDEN, Huizen, Holland. The estate, which is well-wooded, is about 17 hectares in area comprising Besant Hall, seating 250 persons; a library housing 9000 books in Dutch and English; Saint Michael’s House and Arundale Guest House. The latter two buildings, together with the Atlier, provide the accommodation. The restaurant, Sattvika, provides vegetarian or vegan food. There is also a chapel where LIBERAL CATHOLIC services are held.

Diverse activities take place at the center including three Theosophical gatherings each year in spring, summer and autumn. It is also used by national Sections.

The Center is administered by a council, which meets twice a year and is composed of members from various parts of the world. A number of committees govern various aspects of the work. A magazine, St. Michael’s News, is published quarterly.



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