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A theosophical term that refers to the time when human beings have transcended the realm of phenomena and have attained oneness with the universal ego. Helena P. BLAVATSKY defined it as “that day when man, freeing himself from the trammels of ignorance, and recognising fully the non-separateness of the Ego within his personality — erroneously regarded as his own — from the UNIVERSAL EGO (Anima Supra-Mundi), merges thereby into the One Essence to become not only one ‘with us’ (the manifested universal lives which are ‘ONE’ LIFE), but that very life itself” (SD I:130-1). She further states: “Then everything becomes one, all individualities are merged into one, yet each knowing itself, a mysterious teaching indeed” (CW X:405). It is the period of rest or paranirvana. It is equivalent to what Christians refer to as the Day of Judgment, or what in the East is the Day after Maha-manvantara. She wrote that the Egyptians refer to it as the “Day-of-Come-to-us.”

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