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Africa, West, Theosophy in

The West African Section of the Theosophical Society (TS) consists of lodges in four English-speaking countries, namely, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Cameroon. It was formerly a regional association formed in 1956 and later became a section in 1991. As of 2004, there are 15 lodges, of which nine are in Ghana, three in Nigeria, two in Cameroon and one in Liberia. There are also 12 study centers.

The first known study group in the region was formed around 1908 in Lagos, Nigeria. It was not until November 17, 1935, however, that the first lodge, called the Blavatsky Lodge, was established in the region in Accra, Ghana by Kwao Brakatu Ateko, a Ghanaian teacher. He was the first Organizing Secretary of the Regional Association of the Theosophical Society in West Africa in 1956.

In 1996, the section built its headquarters building in Accra where they held their 39th Annual Convention. The current General Secretary is Paul Braku Kwakyi (2005), while the Territorial Secretary for Nigeria is Godfrey Olayabisi Olubi.



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