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At the Feet of the Master

(PUB.) A classic of theosophical literature written by J. Krishnamurti under the pseudonym Alcyone (pronounced al-kee-o-nee). It was first published in December 1910 when Krishnamurti was fifteen years of age and has remained in print since that time. The work has been translated into twenty-seven languages and has been through more than forty printings.

Krishnamurti disclaimed authorship, stating that he merely wrote down what his Master had taught him. It was suggested that Charles LEADBEATER might have been responsible for its composition, but two witnesses present during its writing, Russell CLARKE and Marie Russak HOTCHENER testified that they saw Krishnamurti write it and that Leadbeater did not contribute.

The little book is a commentary on four qualifications needed to follow the spiritual path which are “Discrimination,” “Desirelessness,” “Good Conduct,” and “Love.” It is written in the simplest and most direct prose, which to some extent accounts for its perennial charm.



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