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Practical Theosophy

Practical Theosophy - C Jinarajadasa


THE value of Theosophy as a philosophy of conduct lies in the fact that Theosophy approaches us every hour of the day and in every occupation that is ours. While it contains universal truths relating to the profoundest problems of existence, at the same time it tells us luminous truths about the little things of our daily lives. Once a man has grasped Theosophical principles, even if only intellectually, they will never leave him. They are as inseparably woven into the fabric of all life as the truths of evolution are woven into the fabric of Nature. A man may refuse to live up to them, but he cannot separate himself from them; they dog his footsteps in the home, in his business, in his amusements; they make a running commentary on all that he sees and hears.


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