Gifted Clairvoyant of the Invisible Worlds

Gifted Clairvoyant of the Invisible Worlds

Geoffrey Hodson - His Occult Life of Research

Geoffrey Hodson developed these powers to a remarkable degree and all his talents were devoted to helping forward humanity at large. At no time did he seek monetary compensation for any of his clairvoyant work in healing or research. By working with accredited scientists, he not only provided valuable insights and knowledge but to a large extent validated the faculty of clairvoyance as a legitimate tool of investigation which could have positive connotations for the future. The validation given by scientists provides credence to his research in areas where scientists cannot go.

Geoffrey Hosdon was a highly trained clairvoyant in many of its forms (e.g. in time, space and magnification) and could use this faculty under conscious control. Here are some of the results of his work in occult research.

He was a researcher in a great variety of disciplines such as Astronomy, Bacteriology, Health, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Religion, Ceremonial and Life after Death to name a few. He also used his psychic and spiritual powers to study the Fairy and Angelic Kingdoms.

As an occultist and clairvoyant Mr. Hodson devoted all his talents to helping forward humanity at large.

Health and the Angelic Kingdom


Angel and Child on Steps

This field of research concerns Mr. Hodson’s ability to contact and learn directly from the Angelic Kingdom.

As a result he wrote about ten books about the angels or devas, and of how we may work in co-operation with them to heal the sick through Healing meditations. In his books on Angels, especially in the books called The Kingdom of the Gods with its beautiful paintings, (about 29 of them) and Brotherhood of Angels and Men you will find methods of healing, of invocation and prayer. These are part of the occult or hidden powers he had developed within himself.

This subject became a life-long study for Mr. Hodson in which he co-operated with the angelic kingdom in the fields of medicine, religion, healing and other areas such as music.

With regard to the angelic kingdom there are many different categories of angels that we provides information on. There are mountain angels, music angels and also nature angels, to do with trees and water. There are landscape angels and angels to do with religious ceremonies. Then there are angels of Will, Wisdom, Intelligence and finally angels of beauty, mind and fire. Through personal experiences and the information and teachings the angels gave him directly and which filled his books, he can talk very convincingly of their world.

Kundalini Angel

Another aspect of research where trained clairvoyance can be used is in the diagnosis and prevention of disease. Most mornings for an hour Mr. Hodson would give spiritual healing which included angelic help to all those who asked for help and he received a great many letters from grateful patients, thanking him for the help they received.

Another area of clairvoyant medical research and healing had to do with cancer research. Dr. Lyness M.B.Ch.B who lived in Whangarei was running a set of experiments using Mr. Hodson’s clairvoyant abilities to differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous matter. Mr Hodson was given 16 slides and was asked to pick out which ones were cancerous and which weren’t.

The results of this experiment showed that Mr Hodson was correct 15 times out of 16, that is he made only one error. The odds of guessing correctly in this situation were in the region of 18,000 to one.










Mountain God

Before he received the slides the tissues had been fixed in formalin, frozen, defatted, embedded in wax, stained with suitable dyes and mounted in canada balsam. This means that the astral and etheric double were removed leaving only the physical structure. In view of these difficulties his results were remarkably accurate and showed extraordinary clairvoyant powers.

In another fascinating case he tells us what the cancer looks like at the mental level i.e. the level of the mind. Here is what he said.:

This lady had a patch of dark brown matter at the left side of her cheek. It consisted of very coarse elemental essence, which possessed a life of its own, and seemed to belong to a kingdom of nature far below the human. At the under surface of the Etheric double of the growth a vast number of tentacles penetrated the skin of the mental, emotional and Etheric doubles, gripping it tightly and seemed to be in motion. There was a process of absorption going on.

Mr Hodson now used another power higher than clairvoyance, a spiritual power which we call the intuitive faculty. It’s based on the teaching that All Life Is One.

Our consciousness may know that life from within itself, by becoming one with it. Using this spiritual power Mr Hodson then blended his consciousness with that of the cancer elemental. He tells us that he experienced a life that was foul and had a distinct sense of Entityship. Its instinct was to eat finer matter absorb it, destroy it and reduce it to its own level. In this case he does not say anything more except that the best way to help at the present time (1957) was to use occult means in the exorcism of the elemental, together with radioactive substances.

Archaeology and Paleontology

This leads us on to another research project carried out by Mr. Hodson in a totally different scientific discipline and that is the field of Archaeology and Palaeontology. Two archaeologists were involved in the research process. One of the abilities of a highly trained clairvoyant is the ability to consult the Akashic records. These records of nature contain a complete account of all past events on our planet. This means that with clairvoyance a Seer may study everything that has happened in the past, it has to do with the power or faculty of clairvoyance in Time. (May 1931)

This research was carried out at some house site ruins recently excavated at that time in Omaha, Nebraska. The two scientists involved were Dr Robert E. Gilder who was an internationally known archaeologist and discoverer of the Nebraska Cultural Man. Also present was Mr. Hodson and his wife and a fellow archaeologist Mr A. L. Bishop along with Dr Edith Pettygrew and two representatives of the Omaha World Herald. Nobody except Dr Gilder knew where they were going and what was intended.

Mr. Hodson (left) with Dr. Bishop Dr. Gilder and group

When they got there Mr. Hodson was handed a grooved mandible (jaw) of the mule deer which had been excavated from the side of the house. A report of Mr Hodson’s findings were made and comments made by the archaeologist Mr Bishop.

As Geoffrey Hodson tunes in he begins to see and read the past as though he was standing in that area watching what is happening around him. At this stage Mr Bishop then makes his comments. Only some of the material is used in these pages:

Geoffrey Hodson speaks.  I get a picture of a man weaving with this bone he is using it to push his cross threads up tight. He is sitting in the sun, outside of a group of buildings, and working on a kind of loom. This man is using the woof and warp principle and keeps tapping the new threads up against the old, with this bone.’

Mr. Bishop’s comments. ‘The suggestion as to the use of the bone and cause of the grooving is very convincing, the hand polish being still visible.’

Mr. Hodson speaks.He has a number of other instruments beside him, some of which are made from the pointed antler of a deer. There is also a flat, bone shaped instrument with a sharp edge resembling a knife.’

Mr. Bishop Comments.The pointed antler implements have actually been found and are in the possession of Dr Gilder and Mr Bishop.’

The newspaper report by the two representatives of the Omaha World Herald concludes its account of the expedition with the following words -

Mr. Bishop and Dr Pettegrew were outspoken in their commendation regarding Mr Hodson’s efforts.

Dr Gilder, who I earlier mentioned was the discoverer of Nebraska Cultural Man added:

‘I was much impressed with what Mr Hodson had to say, many of his utterances tally with my findings and theories. I cannot take exception to anything he said. I have found antler implements such as he described. I am glad I came on this expedition. It was decidedly interesting!’

So once again we have a scientific investigation by two scientists which demonstrates the remarkable abilities of Geoffrey Hodson and how this faculty can be used to help validate and expand knowledge already hypothesised  by scientists.

Clairvoyant Research in Embrology

Mr Hodson also investigated embryology. In 1929 Mr Hodson collaborated with a group of doctors who brought patients to him.

One of the studies that he did at this time was concerned with the wife of one of the doctors who was pregnant and in her fourth month. Mr Hodson was asked to use his clairvoyant powers to report what was happening at occult levels until the end of the pregnancy. He said that the soul was working hard on this embryo all the time and was pouring down force into it with vibratory-powers at a specific rate. He described the face and eyes of the soul as radiant and glorious in their expression, filled with limitless love and yet glowing with power.

There was a great Angel at the Causal or Soul level assisting in the incarnation process who was aware of all the babies past lives and karma as well. This angel handed this information down to another angel in charge of developing the mental body and later to the angel in charge of developing the astral body. In the aura of the mental plane angel there was visible, who this person had been in his past life and there were other figures connected with that figure, obviously those who were friends and enemies of his in the past. These were there to be considered in terms of karmic relationships in this life.

The World Mother, Our Lady

Mr. Hodson studied this embryo from the fourth month to the eighth month and also examined what was going on from one hour before birth. He also mentions the presence of our Lady at this stage. Further fascinating details of this clairvoyant study of prenatal birth are found in his book called The Miracle of Birth, where he adds to the sum of human knowledge and understanding in this field.

Research in Chemistry & Physics

In another study on magnetic fields without any information whatever being given to him Mr Hodson had to report on what occurred when a Magnet was turned on and off. This field of study was entirely new to him but out of 10 trials he proved to be correct in eight of them.

Much later in approximately 1957 some experiments in Physics and Occult Chemistry were conducted in N.Z by a Dr Lyness. For example he did an experiment in which he asked Mr Hodson to distinguish between two identical looking white powders.

The two powders were sodium sulphate and magnesium sulphate and the results showed that he could, as he was able to identify the atoms from diagrams.

Dr. Lyness tells us that Geoffrey Hodson contributed the observation that there is at the centre of the occult chemical atom an area of intensely white light of terrific power. Here are Mr Hodson’s words (abbreviated):

‘.. the place where astral and ether 1 forces get sucked to form this system..It wells up there, it sucks there and then it shoots off at tremendous velocities, inconceivable velocities down the funnel; and I receive the impression of a very high concentration of energy… Something changes this free substance into a controlled condition and it is highly compressed, terrifically compressed, … there to shoot off down the system …it is a very deeply impressive phenomenon. It is the heart of the atom I am looking at, in the sense of its generating station.’

Over the years Dr. Lyness conducted many other experiments and some of these are found in approximately 88 pages of detailed exploration which were also tape-recorded at the time. They give a fascinating account of studies at atomic and subatomic levels as they open up the wonders of unseen worlds.

Dr Lyness said of the work he did with Mr Geoffrey (abbreviated):

‘..I, of course would be happy to state unequivocally my belief that Geoffrey Hodson possesses powers of accurate clairvoyant research. During the years 1956 to 1959 There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Geoffrey possesses quite remarkable powers of extra-sensory perception and invariably used these faculties with meticulous regard for accuracy in both observation and description.

Throughout these sessions he was a model of scientific caution, taking every possible care not to make statements that might be misleading.

David D.Lyness, M.B.ChB., D.P.M., M.A.N.Z.C.P. 11 September 1981


Further research by Professor John Robinson, Dr. Sc. and Palaeontology.

In this last clairvoyant exploration of time another outstanding piece of research work that Mr Hodson carried out in South Africa, was done in the late nineteen fifties. In this investigation he goes back a colossal 2 million years into the past history of our planet. He did this by examining fossil remains of early man and ape-man. The scientist concerned was a Professor John Robinson, Dr Sc., and Palaeontology who was from the Transvaal Museum. Later he was Professor at the University of Wisconsin in the USA.

Geoffrey Hodson and Professor Robinson

Mr. Hodson was taken out to the caves near Johannesburg. He was not told where he was going and what was going to be done. Everything was tape-recorded and Dr Robinson wrote up a full account of the whole investigation. In Mr Hodson’s own words:

One part of that research might be peculiarly interesting to you.

‘Dr. Robinson, being a scientist, tried to see how much I was reading his thoughts, because one of the doubts rightly held concerning clairvoyant research is that it is really telepathy and the investigator is picking it out of the directive mind. So this is what he did on several occasions.

‘He gave me an object, my eyes were closed so I could not see what it was but it felt like a stone, and he said this is so and so, which was ape-man. He also projected the strongest thought-form of the ape man he could into my brain and held it there. Now I was obviously trying to psychometrise. Finally I said, ‘I am very sorry I can see no ape-man at all, I am stuck with an ape!’ And I asked him, ‘Shall I throw it away out of my consciousness and do what you want; or what would you like?’ No, he said, go on with your study. Afterwards he told me it was ape. Now several times he did that and if you do any research I recommend it, even though it is a trick and laying a trap for the poor investigator.’

Outside Sterkfontein cave

As a result of this work and other work Professor Robinson who was involved in the excavation of Sterkfontein gave the following testimonial:

I was able to work very closely with Geoffrey Hodson for some months during the late fifties testing his clairvoyant powers on pieces of fossils of early man about two million years of age.

‘Each session carried out in the field site from which the specimens came, was recorded on a tape recorder. No indication was given him [of] what I thought of his information until after the series of tests were completed and analysed.

Prof. Robinson and skeletal remains

‘Many of the questions put to him required answers which could not be positively checked against known original specimens. The analysis showed that every statement made by him which was able to be positively checked against known specimens was absolutely accurate, and most of what could not be positively checked was in close agreement with what was thought to be correct.

‘At that time almost all of the known fossil material of these early hominids was in my laboratory, and Geoffrey did not see any of it until after the investigations were completed. I was impressed by the extreme care he took over being as accurate and clear as he could be in the observations he made, as well as his descriptions of them in such a way that his words were as precise as possible in offering the least possibility of misinterpretation.

‘At each session a small number (2-4) of specimens were dealt with, and some were presented several times at more than one session without telling him this. He never handled the specimens himself; I placed them on his forehead while he was lying on his back with his eyes closed in a state of yoga. Two different species of hominid were used mixed at random, only small specimens being used, e.g. a single tooth.

‘He never misidentified a specimen or gave conflicting statements about a specimen that had been presented more than once. As far as I could determine his information was always accurate and he gave me a strong impression of complete reliability.’

Professor J.T Robinson D.Sc, including Palaeontology, 4th January 1982.


Mr. Hosdon doing his research


These experiments have not only opened up for us a fascinating world of hidden forces and energies to us but they have also demonstrated Mr. Hodson’s scientific approach and skills. His work has demonstrated that over a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

That firstly:

  1. Clairvoyant powers exist and can be used.
  2. That Mr. Hodson had developed those powers to an amazing degree – in this last case by going back 2 million+ years in time earlier by being able to see using clairvoyance in time.
  3. He also demonstrated the usefulness to science of such powers.
  4. Finally in doing these explorations he also carried out to an outstanding degree the 3rd Object of the Theosophical Society to which he belonged.

3rd Object: To Investigate the Unexplained Laws of Nature and the Powers latent in man

Finally these experiments have also shown Geoffrey Hodson as a very practical and untiring worker in the service of the Theosophical Society, of humanity and of the Masters of the Wisdom.

He was indeed a highly Talented Clairvoyant and a Scientist of the Invisible Worlds.

Clairvoyant Research and Music

Another field of research that Mr Hodson became involved in had to do with Music. He worked with a Dr Gordon Kingsley who was a well-known musician of the day and artists were found and pictures were produced. Eight of these compositions were clairvoyantly looked at in Mr Hodson’s book called Music Forms. The works he looked at were by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Handel, Haydn and Wagner.

In the hidden worlds of psychic and spiritual forces music produces a resultant shape or mixture of shapes that are amazingly colourful and which can be seen by the clairvoyant. There is a whole inner world of beautiful colours and shapes which have been called music forms. They elevate the emotions and mind towards spiritual aspiration and produce the most marvellous effects and shapes not only on the singer and an audience but also on others who may be outside the range of vision and sound. As the music is played, these energies being released into the atmosphere can produce extremely powerful effects which are spiritually uplifting. In many cases the music attracts the inner self or Soul into an increasingly closer relationship with the outer person. From this point of view some music may be understood as a form of yoga which produces a heightened awareness of the spiritual worlds.

The other book of Mr Hodson’s which gives beautiful pictures of music forms is Clairvoyant Investigations. This gives an amazing coloured form from The Overture from Parsifal – Wagner. Also in this book are paintings of Angels of various kinds.

These experiments show Geoffrey Hodson’s psychic and spiritual powers have been used by him in a variety of scientific disciplines or settings. These experiments have not only opened up for some readers a fascinating new world of hidden forces and energies but they have also demonstrated Mr. Hodson’s scientific approach and skills.

Theosophy, Philosophy and Religion

Mr Hodson wrote many books on the teachings of Theosophy, Philosophy and Religion.

The subjects he wrote about were wide ranging and important. They answered such questions as: Why are we here on earth? Where have we come from? Who are we in our fundamental nature? What is the meaning and purpose of Life? Where are we going to? How are we going to get there? Are there any human beings who have reached the goal of evolution which is to become a Master of the Wisdom? His answer to this last question was a decided YES and he wrote books on these topics explaining how to do this. (see the book list).

These topics deal with the idea of souls, fate, reincarnation, destiny, invocations, prayers, spiritual and psychic powers and death and many many more. Theosophy has a lot to say on each of these topics but leaves it up to the individual free will of every person as to what to accept or believe.

Geoffrey Hodson was a priest in the Liberal Catholic Church. As such he was ideally suited to be a clairvoyant investigator of the inner world of the Angels and of how they assist in church and other ceremonies.

He wrote many books on the Christian faith and the structure of the Angelic Hierarchy. Four of his books were entitled The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Vol. 1-4. and he wrote another called The Christ Life from Nativity to Ascension which is the story of every man’s spiritual journey. As mentioned, his book called Kingdom of the Gods contains a great many unique paintings of Angels. His writings in the field of Christianity make sense of many of the anomalies and seeming contradictions found in traditional religion. These books and talks are able to help give understanding of the true meanings present and can give solace and renewed faith to many, which is indeed a great service and help to many people in their lives.

Author, Spiritual Teacher and World Lecturer

Mr.Hodson was the author of an outstanding body of work, and he wrote over 50 books and numerous booklets. As well as writing books he wrote over 400 articles for Theosophical magazines around the world.  These articles covered a huge variety of topics, many of which may be found in the two volume set called Sharing the Light-The Collected Articles of Geoffrey Hodson which was published in 2008. All these writings form a unique contribution to Theosophical literature providing inspiration and enlightenment

Radio Interview 1956

He also gave press interviews, radio sessions and made television appearances when he was on his world wide lecture tours.

Geoffrey Hodson shown on a T.V show with dogs, worked for animal welfare throughout his life. Scores and scores of his lectures were tape-recorded, and some are also available on CD. They have created an information bank for the future.


TV Interview

As a teacher his lectures and books were models of clarity, for he was a great exponent of Theosophy and was able to make difficult subjects clear and understandable.


From all the material presented it becomes obvious that Geoffrey Hodson was a dedicated worker for the T.O.S and the Theosophical Society for practically the whole of his life. In fact he gave his last lecture at 96 years of age (4th May 82) just 8 months before he passed on. (23rd Jan 1983)

We have also seen that he was a remarkably accurate scientist of the invisible worlds, a humble and selfless server of humanity. He was also a healer an author, a worldwide lecturer, a gnostic and spiritual teacher to thousands of people around the world.

His contribution to the T.O.S through his work on animal welfare, vegetarianism, humaneness and compassion for humanity as well as his healing work and writings make him an outstanding Server of the human race.

For many people Geoffrey Hodson was seen as a great disciple of the Masters of the Wisdom, a great Soul and a Light Bringer to humanity.

By seeing the nature and extent of Geoffrey Hodson’s life and work, we ourselves may find the inspiration to help relieve the suffering of humanity and to bring happiness and enlightenment, in however small a measure, to our fellow human beings.


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