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Theosophy World is a collection of Theosophical resources available for those researching a specific topic, wanting to find information, how to get information or for those wishing to put together programmes, presentations or contact people who are doing work in these areas. The intention is to make material available on this website and easily accessed through several means.


Quotes by Geoffrey Hodson

At the very heart and center of existence, pervading the whole manifestation of the divine Idea, there exists one predominant Law. This Law – insofar as it may be comprehended by humanity – decrees that the tendency to preserve harmonious equilibrium, shall always be stronger than the tendencies toward discordance.



From within, from the very most interior center of existence and consciousness, the fact of oneness evermore proves to be the overriding truth.



Guardian angels of the home - Rose and soft green
Healing angels - Deep sapphire blue
Angels of maternity and birth - Sky blue
Ceremonial angels - White
Angels of music - White
Nature angels - Apple green
Angels of beauty and art - Yellow....



Treading the Path, is a supremely delicate operation.  Therefore it is called ‘razor-edged’ – motive is everything.  A man may ostensibly be doing good and even spectacular work for the Cause, and yet be failing all the time, because desire of place and power, egoism, and self-satisfaction are in his heart.

Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition


 It is not the important occasions which matter so much, useful though they are; it is the hourly, daily attention to the details of life, to the work and to the character building without desire, which really constitutes treading the Path.

Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition


All troubles on the Path are part of the gains.


When a blade is sharpened, fragments are ground off and sparks fly. 


When an aspirant is trained, the grinding hurts.  It must be welcomed.



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