In a letter, Dorothy Bell shares thoughts on the power of a theosophical worldview to unravel a universal problem.

A letter to my Sister in India…  On the Equality of Men and Women

Namaste, dear Sister Deepa,

Thank you for the invitation to pen some thoughts ‘On the Equality of Men and Women’ a theme that, as the words unfold, may unexpectedly evoke a sense of balance and wholeness like the wings of a bird in flight. Perhaps it has something to do with the longing of the soul. Anyhow, this will be explored later, as there is a need to acknowledge that the theme has been prompted by events in both our countries.


As you are well aware, in recent times the increase in reporting of domestic violence, rape and murder of women has shaped headlines in many countries, including New Zealand, Africa, as well as Australia and India. Your exceptional TOS work in raising community awareness of the issues involved is most needed and really inspires others.

Media attention to particular incidents of brutal sexual violence has highlighted the importance of understanding the nature-nurture explanation of human behaviour: that it comes from the interaction of genetic and social conditioning. The minds of children from their earliest experiences are constantly shaped with beliefs and attitudes. Parents, family, school, science, media, and especially religion, shape perceptions of gender roles and status – and perceptions produce actions and reactions. Inequality of status has cultivated domination, discrimination and abuse and in the eyes of a theosophist it has dishonoured the magnificent true nature of a human being.

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