The Theosophical Society has been around for 139 years. But its growth as an organisation has been relatively stagnant in the past more than half a century. Its membership has been declining since 1928 when it had a peak membership of 45,000, down to about 26,000 today. Since 1928, world population has increased three and a half times. Every year, there are 80,000,000 people who are born. If the message of theosophy reaches only 100,000 new people per year, it will take us 800 years before we will reach the number of new people born in one year alone. To reach the population increase of just 2 years, it will take us 1,600 years. We will see that at such a rate, the Theosophical Society will become more and more irrelevant to the changes happening in the world.

130 years ago, the Mahachohan, the teacher of the Adepts, exhorted the leaders of the infant Theosophical Society: “For our doctrines to practically react on the so-called moral code or the ideas of truthfulness, purity, self-denial, charity, etc., we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theosophy.” (Mahatma Letters Appendix II)

Have we achieved such popularisation? I’m afraid we have not. The word ‘Theosophy’ remains a very unfamiliar word or concept to a large majority of the world.

Have the theosophical doctrines reacted practically on society’s moral code and influenced the conduct of men and women of the world? Again, we have to answer generally in the negative. It is my impression that a very large percentage of our lodges are oriented towards its internal activities rather seeking to actively help solve the problems of society.

It is incumbent upon us that we renew our effort to achieve this vision of the Mahachohan – to make theosophy and the Theosophical Society a part of the mainstream of human society.

Mainstreaming Theosophy -- Vicente Hao Chin Jr.

A talk by Vicente Hao Chin Jr. at the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, Illinois, U.S.A. on approaches on making theosophy become part of mainstream thought and be part of the spiritual influence on society and the world.


A Magazine Devoted to the Theosophical Movement, the Brotherhood of Humanity, the Study of Occult Science and Philosophy and Aryan Literature. Published by W.Q. Judge's disciples after his death. Most of whom followed Katherine A. Tingley.



  • Publication time period : April 1896 - October 1897
  • Quantity : 19 issues
  • Publisher : The Theosophical Publishing Co. New-York, NY - USA
  • Editors : E.T. Hargrove, Katherine Tingley
  • Succeed to: The Path (1886-1896)
  • Succeeded by: Universal Brotherhood

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Theosophy 1896

Radha Burnier (née Radha Sri Ram) (November 15, 1923 – October 31, 2013) was the seventh international president of the Theosophical Society (Adyar). Having taken office in 1980, she was the longest standing president of the organization (33 years).

This is a presentation by R. Burnier while in New Zealand:

Listen to the audio presentation:  Ever New Theosophy

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