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The Direction of the Theosophical Society by Masters of the Wisdom - Josephine Ransom

Josephine Ransom

SUCH a title as the above emphasizes our firmly held opinion that the wise Guardians of humanity, whom we call Masters, ever keep our human spiritual progress in mind, and at all times strive to promote it. It is not possible within a small compass to relate with any adequacy the story of the guidance that some Masters of Wisdom have given to The Theosophical Society throughout its history. I have, therefore, selected, as supremely worth our consideration, the familiar, but ever fresh, early years of The Society.

One of the reasons, I think, of the fascination of those early years is that certain fundamental principles were laid down which are still in operation, and will undoubtedly go on into the future till there is need for restatement of them in new terms.

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