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Theosophical World Resources

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Our Resources

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Featured Course

Current Featured Course on Meditation including a practical session and what we are working with when we take up a meditation practice.

Featured Video

What if . . . ?

A Few Words About The Meaning of Theosophy

It is also used to refer to the universal Ancient Wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions.

The Theosopical Encyclopedia



The on-line and updated version of the Theosophical Encyclopedia

The Theosophical Encyclopedia is the work of many contributors bringing together a rich source of theosophical understanding of concepts, terms, definition, contributing personalities, religions and philosophies of the world.


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International Events

02 August

The 39th European Congress

  -   North Yorkshire, England

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View the many photos in the photo galleries of photos from the last 140 years and the present day of prominent members, places, and events.  You can view them, share them or download them for use in presentations or personally.

Featured Study Course

Below are the current featued course.

Theosophy in 21st Century

What is the meaning of Life and the Universe? Theosophy is the essential knowledge about Life that has been expressed by remarkable people in different times and cultures. Helena Blavatsky rediscovered this perennial tradition at the end of the 19th century and since then many thinkers have made their own contributions and modern science corroborates and expands this vision.

This course of 12 sessions is aimed at those who want to systematically enter into the study and research of Theosophy, seeing its sources, its reflection in modern knowledge, discrepancies with common ideas, and especially the potential of Theosophy to transform our practical life and improve the world.