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(Agnishvātta, Agniśvātta). From the Sanskrit Agnisvatta literally meaning “tasted by the funeral fire.” According to the Esoteric Doctrine, the Agnishvatta, or Solar Angels are the “Flames,” those who possessed the living spiritual fire, but not the lower creative fire. They are the “Sons of Fire,” because they are the first Beings, called “Minds” in The Secret Doctrine, evolved from Primordial Fire (SD I:87). They are shown in the exoteric works as yogis, KUMARAS, who become “rebels” opposing the “secondary gods,” or those who created the lower vehicles (subtle bodies) for man. They alone could complete man by “making him a self-conscious being.” They became the “fashioners of the inner man,” the “Endowers of man with his conscious, immortal EGO.” Helena P. BLAVATSKY tells us further that, “the esoteric name of these ‘Solar Angels’ is, literally, the ‘Lords’ (Nath) of ‘persevering ceaseless devotion’ (pranidhana)” (SD II:88).

Further information concerning the Solar Angels is given in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire (Alice BAILEY). There the whole subject is studied from the “fire” aspect, the Fire Angels being shown to be those agents who pass the divine life through their bodies of flame as it descends from the higher into the lower spheres and ascends from the lower into the higher, and in man produce the union of the spiritual Triad and the quaternary, or lower self.



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