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The Ah-hi are beings often termed DHYANI-CHOHANS. Ah-hi is a Sanskrit term referring to “the collective hosts of spiritual beings who are the vehicles for the manifestation of the divine or universal thought and will. They are the Intelligent Forces that give to and enact in Nature her ‘Laws.’” Dhyani-Chohan is a Sanskrit/Tibetan term.

The word Ah-hi is used in The Secret Doctrine to mean “celestial beings.” Sri Krishna Prem points out that, “Ah-hi is the same word as the Sanskrit Ahi, a serpent” (Man, the Measure of All Things TPH, 1966, p. 51, see also p. 95-6). Ah-hi, as serpent, is referred to in the SD, (I:202) in connection with the Vedic god Indra’s fight with Vtra, the symbol of constriction and, much later, drought.



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