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A term used in psychical research to refer to the paranormal transmission of objects from a distance into an enclosed space. While there are numerous cases that have been reported of claimed apport, the writer knows of no cases of such taking place under scientifically controlled conditions.

There is a filmed episode of the Indian holy man Sathya Sai Baba producing vibhūti, or holy ash, from a vase in quantities much greater than the capacity of the vase. It is not known, of course, if this is a case of local manifestation or retrieval from a distance. As far as is known, no trickery has been discovered in this case.

The most famous example of apport that occurred in theosophical circles is of a materialization of a teacup and saucer by Helena P. BLAVATSKY during a picnic in India. To be evidential the choice of the picnic site would need to have been selected at random and not known to anyone prior to the event which is not the case here (Old Diary Leaves, H. S. Olcott, Vol. II, p. 232).

The transmission of letters received by Alfred P. SINNETT and said to have come from the MAHATMAS would certainly qualify as apports, but here again, while the cumulative anecdotal testimony is impressive, the lack of close control disqualifies these as scientific proof of paranormal events.




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