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Aquarian Age

A cycle of approximately 2155 years. It is determined by the point where the sun crosses the equator each spring. That point of crossing precesses westward at about 50.2 seconds of arc per year. Hence it requires about 2155 years to pass through one-twelfth part of the sky, or the distance of one sign. Because the actual boundaries between the signs are uncertain, opinions and methods of calculation differ concerning the date when the Aquarian Age has or will occur. These dates range from 1784, the year of Uranus’ discovery, to 2375 A.D. The sidereal astrologer Cyril argues for the latter date which is based upon the notion that the oldest zodiac measured from the fixed star Aldebaran is located in the middle of the constellation of Taurus.

Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY asserts in The Esoteric Character of the Gospels that the equinox will enter the sign of Aquarius “at the end of this century” or about the year 1900. With the commencement of the Aquarian Age, Blavatsky states that “psychologists will have some extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter on a great change” (CW VIII:174 fn).



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