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Auric Egg

An envelope that contains all the principles of a human being, from the Atma to the physical body, and is the synthesizing element of the human principles. It is also called the Atmic Aura, but it is not the same as the human aura as the term is usually used, though the latter is part of the Auric Egg. It endures throughout the cycles of reincarnation of the human being.

In one of the diagrams of Helena P. Blavatsky to her student, she used the Auric Egg as the highest principle in place of Atman, because “ATMAN is no ‘principle,’ but stands separate from the man” (CW XII:529).

H. P. Blavatsky states that the Auric Egg has the following functions (CW XII:608):

(a) The preserver of every Karmic record.

(b) The storehouse of all the good and bad powers of man, receiving and giving out at his will and thought every potentiality, which becomes, then and there, an acting potency: this aura is the mirror in which sensitives and clairvoyants sense and perceive the real man, and see him as he is, not as he appears.

(c) As it furnishes man with his Astral Form, around which the physical entity models itself, first as a foetus, then as a child and man, the astral growing apace with the human being, so it furnishes him during his life, if an Adept, with his Mayavi-Rupa, Illusion Body (which is not his Vital Astral Body); and after death, with his Devachanic Entity and Kama-Rupa, or Body of Desire (the Spook).



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