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Blavatsky Trust, The

A charity (registered in England, number 268913) intended “to advance education and promote or further the study of and research into religion, philosophy and science and to disseminate the results of such study and research to the public.”

Its managing trustees have the power:

  1. To award scholarships, bursaries and grants for the purposes of such education study or research.
  2. To undertake and promote study and research in the field of the laws of nature and the powers latent in man.
  3. To disseminate (whether by means of publishing or translating documents or by lectures or television or radio or otherwise howsoever) in the United Kingdom or elsewhere the results of the study and research in the writings of Helena P. BLAVATSKY and The MAHATMA LETTERS TO A. P. SINNETT and other literature consonant with them.
  4. To establish and support or assist in the establishment and support of any charity whose objects consist of or include the trust object.
  5. To issue appeals for donations, subscriptions and gifts.

The founding trustees were: Geoffrey A. Farthing, Christmas HUMPHREYS, and C. Graham Nicholas. The Trust is not a division of the Theosophical Society (TS), but it does promote the objects of the original TS and its literature.



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