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Brunton, Paul

(1898-1981). A well-known author on yoga and spiritual subjects. Brunton is of interest to theosophists because many of his published works reflect his early interest in theosophy. He was a fairly regular attender at Theosophical Society (TS) meetings in London and this is mentioned in the biography, Paul Brunton, a Personal View, by K. T. Hurst (Burdett, N.Y.: Larson, 1889, p. 46/127).

Brunton’s original name was Raphael Hurst. Born in London in 1898, he became a journalist, but soon began writing books on mysticism and yoga which gained considerable popularity. Much of his work was the result of first-hand research undertaken during extensive travels in Egypt and India.

His published work includes:

A Search in Secret India; The Secret Path; A Search in Secret Egypt; A Message From Arunachala; A Hermit in the Himalayas; The Quest of the Overself; The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga; Discover Yourself; The Wisdom of the Overself; The Spiritual Crisis of Man (All first published by Rider and Co., but currently by Weiser, USA). His notebooks were published posthumously by Larson, USA between 1984 and 1988 in sixteen volumes entitled, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton.



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