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Bulgaria, Theosophy in

The earliest record of Theosophical Society (TS) work in Bulgaria was the President Olcott Branch located in Sofia which was chartered on May 3, 1907, with Sophrony Nickoff as President and Alex Chichkoff as Secretary. In 1911 the Cyril and Methody Lodge was established in Vratza with L. Lipovomsky as President and Dono Toscheff as Secretary.

The Bulgarian Section of the Theosophical Society was chartered on February 27, 1920. In 1936 there were five lodges and 83 members. World War II had a devastating effect on Bulgaria and theosophical work there has not managed to regain its former level. A periodical entitled Orfei was discontinued in 1926, resumed in 1936, but ceased when war broke out.

General Secretaries were:

Sophrony Nickoff, 1920-30

Nikola Trifonov, 1930-32

Ivan Grosev, 1932-35

Nikola Trionov, 1935-38

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