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Djual Khul

chela of the Master KOOT HOOMI who, it is said, later became an Adept. His name has been variously spelt, the variations include, “Djual Khool,” “Gjual Khool.” He was also known by the names “Benjamin” and “The Disinherited.” The latter possibly because he has been disowned by his family when he became a chela. He seems to have been, at times, an intermediary between Helena P. Blavatsky and the Master K. H.

In November 1919, according to her autobiography (Lucis Press, 1951, p. 162), Djual Khul contacted Alice Bailey and she became a channel for a number of books dealing with aspects of the ancient wisdom. In the books Djual Khul was referred to as “The Tibetan.”


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