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Enoch, Books Of

Apocryphal Jewish writings variously dated from 175 BCE to 100 BCE. The problem of accurate dating arises because the writings cannot be attributed to one author. A portion of the work has been found duplicated in the Qumran Scrolls which are in Aramaic.

The content, particularly of I Enoch, is highly eschatological, that is, dealing with last things: death, judgement, heaven and hell; it contains extravagant descriptions of the fate of the righteous and the unrighteous.

Helena P. BLAVATSKY mentions Enoch quite frequently in her writings and considered him to be, not Jewish, but a person belonging to a far distant race and not to any nation, but to all, a generic name (see SD I:230). Blavatsky has stated that the Book of Enoch is actually a book of initiation, giving out in allegory and cautious phraseology the program of certain archaic mysteries performed in the inner temples (SD II:229).


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