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Hercules Gk. Herakles)

(Gk. Herakles). The famous hero of Greek mythology known for his superhuman strength and valor. His name probably means “glorious gift of Hera.” It has been suggested that the myths surrounding him may hide the identity of an historical person; this supposition is based on the fact that no Greek god would have a name derived from another god, that is, Hera. He was said to have been the son of Zeus and Alemene, who was the granddaughter of Perseus. He was conceived because Zeus desired to have a son who would be powerful among gods and humans. The myths about Hercules are so many and varied that it is not possible to do them justice in any summary within the confines of this article.

Helena P. BLAVATSKY states that the legend of Hercules is not originally Greek but Indian. His twelve labors symbolizes the twelve trials that an initiate has to go through.

Herakles was also the pseudonym given to Annie BESANT, the second President of the Theosophical Society (TS), in a series of articles published in The Theosophist, entitled Rents in the Veil of Time.

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