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Home, Daniel Dunglas

(1833-1886). Scottish Spiritualist medium who was born near Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 20, 1833. When he was nine he was taken to the USA. He came into contact with Spiritualism in 1850 and soon became famous as a medium.

For some reason, Home disliked Helena P. BLAVATSKY and the feeling was mutual. Blavatsky wrote scathingly about him in a letter to the journal Spiritual Scientist, calling him a renegade (CW I:196). Home is mentioned in The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett where the Master KOOT HOOMI, in a postscript to letter Number 15 (chron. ed., No. 8, 3rd ed.) warns Sinnett that Home was a bitter and cruel enemy of Henry S. OLCOTT and Blavatsky.

Home’s phenomena are possibly the best recorded and attested in the history of Spiritualism and he had a series of sittings with William CROOKES who was convinced of the reality of the phenomena produced.

He died at Paris on June 2, 1886, after a long illness.

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