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Leino, Eino

(pseudonym of Armas Eino Leopold Lönnbohm) (1878-1926). A member of the Finnish Theosophical Society (TS) who was one of the greatest names in Finnish poetry. He was born on July 6, 1878, at Paltamo in northern Finland and educated at Helsinki University. He worked as a journalist on the liberal newspapers Päivälehti and Helsingin Sanomat, mainly as literary and drama critic.

Eino was a very prolific writer, not only of poems, but plays, novels, animal fables and essays. His poetic mood reflected the political fortunes of his native Finland with his early work being free, light-hearted and redolent with melody, but his later poems, written during the period of Russian oppression, were darker and critical. Some of his poems are said to echo his theosophical leaning.

Lieno died at Nuppilinna near Helsinki on January 10, 1926. A statue has been erected to his memory in Helsinki.

His collected works include: Maaliskuun lauluja (Songs of March) (1896); Helkavirsiä (Whitsongs) (1903-16); Talvi-yö (Winter Night) (1905); Halla (Frost) (1908); Simo Hurtta (1904-19); Naamioita (Plays 1905-11).

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