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The fourth planet of the Solar System. It has two satellites, Phobos and Deimos. It is one of the planets visible to the naked eye, and has a reddish color. Based on the expeditions since 1965, the photographs of Mars show no life, but astronomers think that it may have supported life billions of years ago.

Helena P. BLAVATSKY writes that Mars is in a state of OBSCURATION, that is, a state of inactivity while the life wave of its CHAIN is active in other non-visible globes.

In Alfred P. SINNETT’S Esoteric Buddhism, it was stated that Mars and Mercury were part of the Earth Chain, that is, the septenary string of globes. Blavatsky later wrote however that based on information from her adept teachers, both Mars and Mercury belong to their own chains and not the Earth Chain. According to the same source, “Mars has two satellites to which he has no right . . . . . Phöbos, the supposed INNER satellite, is no satellite at all” (SD I:165).

In mythology, Mars is the Roman god of war, equivalent to the Greek Ares.


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