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Pituitary Gland

A small endocrine gland, also called Hypophysis Cerebri, at the base of the brain and connected to the hypothalamus. It controls the functions of the other endocrine glands. It has three lobes, each of which produces different hormones, such as those which regulate growth, milk production, and the stimulation of other glands.

The pituitary and pineal glands are two glands that have been given much importance in esotericism. Helena P. Blavatsky states that the “third eye” or pineal gland is aroused or awakened by the pituitary (CW XII:616). Under clairvoyant vision, it is seen that when under abnormal condition of effort to develop clairvoyant vision, the pulsation of the aura of these two glands intensifies until that of the pituitary strikes the pineal, and the latter is set aglow with pure Akasic Fire (Ibid., p. 618).

The Pituitary Body is the organ per se of the psychic plane. Pure psychic vision is caused by the molecular motion of this body, which is directly connected with the optic nerve, and thus affects the sight, and gives rise to hallucinations. Its motion may readily cause flashes of light, seen within the head, similar to those that may be obtained on pressing the eyeballs, and so causing molecular motion in the optic nerve. When molecular action is set up in the Pituitary Body these flashes are seen, and further action gives psychic vision, as similar motion in the Pineal Gland gives Spiritual Clairvoyance. Drunkenness and fever cause disorderly motion in the Pituitary Body, and so produce illusions of sight, visions, hallucinations. This body is sometimes so affected by drunkenness that it is paralyzed. (CW XII:698)

Blavatsky further states that the pituitary corresponds to the Manas-Antahkarana, while the pineal is the Manas itself.



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