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Serapis Bey

The name of one of the members of the Adept brotherhood in Egypt. He was mentioned by Alfred P. SINNETT as “the youngest of the chohans.” In his letters to Col. Henry Steel Olcott, the Master Serapis describes himself as belonging to the Ellora Section of the Brotherhood of Luxor. He and the Egyptian brothers were closely involved in the early work of the TS in the United States. In addition to Olcott and Helena P. BLAVATSKY, they apparently wanted to include Elbridge Gerry Brown, a spiritualist, as one of the three key people of the theosophical movement. This failed, and Brown became an enemy of the movement.

In one of his early letters to Olcott, the Master wrote: “The time is come to let thee know who I am. I am not a disembodied spirit, brother. I am a living man, gifted with such powers by our Lodge as are in store for thyself someday” (Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, Series II, 1926, p. 31). In many of his letters, he constantly repeats the exhortation “Try” to aspiring chelas.


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