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Subba Row Medal

A medal given to outstanding writers in theosophy. It was established in the 1883 convention of the Theosophical Society (TS) in honor of T. Subba Row, a very learned member of the Society. It was first intended to be awarded annually to the best essay in one of four departments of esotericism: Aryan, Buddhist, Chaldean and Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian. In 1891 the Medal was granted to those whose writings have greatly contributed to theosophical literature. The following were the awardees:

1885: P. Srinivasa Rao 1888: H. P. Blavatsky 1895: Annie Besant 1896: A. P. Sinnett 1897: C. W. Leadbeater 1898: George R. S. Mead 1899: W. Scott-Elliot (W.Williamson) 1900: Bhagavan Das 1906: Dr. Theophile Pascal 1909: Dr. Rudolf Steiner 1911: J. Krishnamurti 1912: Dr. F. Otto Schrader 1913: C. Jinar€jad€sa 1923: Dewan Bahadur Purmendu Narayan Sinha 1924: Ernest Wood 1925: Dr. J. J. Van der Leeuw 1934: Mme. Helena Pissareff 1935: Dr. George S.Arundale 1936: Prof. J. Emile Marcault 1938: Josephine Ransom 1939: Prof. Darab Dinsha Kanga 1940: Edward Lewis Gardner 1941: Hirendranath Datta 1942: Dr. James Henry Cousins 1943: Bhikku šry€sa‰ga 1944: Mary K. Neff 1946: Dr. G. Srinivasa Murti 1949: Louis W. Rogers 1951: N. Sri Ram 1952: Elizabeth Winter Preston 1954: Geoffrey Hodson 1955: Rohit Mehta 1956: Clara Codd 1975: Dr. I. K. Taimni 1976: Dr. E. Lester-Smith 1981: Boris de Zirkoff 1990: Virginia Hanson 1996: Geoffrey A. Farthing

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