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Tamayo, Franz

(1879-1956). Bolivian writer, poet, journalist, lecturer, politician and member of the TS. He was born in La Paz on February 28, 1879, the son of the writer Isaac Tamayo and Felicidad Solares. After studying at the Ayacucho College, La Paz, he continued his studies in England and France. Upon returning to Bolivia, Tamayo qualified as a lawyer, but did not pursue this profession, preferring journalism and politics. He was elected a member of Parliament for La Paz City in 1913 and was re-elected on numerous occasions. Among his various notable appointments were Professor of Law, President of the Bolivian Parliament and President of a National Convention in 1944. He became a member of the Peace Lodge of the TS in 1920. Tamayo was the founder of the newspaper El Figaro, Director of The Free Man publication in 1915, head of the Radical Political Party, and candidate for the Presidency in 1919. He was the Bolivian delegate to the League of Nations; he also served as Minister of External Affairs. Tamayo was elected President of the Bolivian Republic in 1920 but did not assume office because of a military coup d’etat.

Tamayo died in La Paz on July 29, 1956, leaving behind various unpublished works including four lyrical tragedies.


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