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Universal Religious Fellowship

Originally called “Order of the 15” and later the “Order of Christian Mystics”; for a short period in the 1920’s the name “Church of the Wisdom Religion” was used. The Fellowship was founded by Harriette Augusta Curtiss (1855-1932) who was also called Rahmea, and Frank Homer Curtiss (1875-1946) who was a graduate in medicine of the University of Pennsylvania; they were married in 1907. The Order was incorporated in 1928 with the name, “Universal Religious Fellowship.”

The Curtisses were at one time members of the Theosophical Society (TS) and formed the order for the purpose of correlating theosophy with Christianity, motives that were similar to those of Anna KINGSFORD. The Order really anticipated the formation of the LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH which occurred in 1916.

The Order adopted most of the theosophical teachings, emphasizing reincarnation, oneness of truth, universal brotherhood and a mystic interpretation of the Bible as opposed to a literal one. The Order was preparing for the coming of a World Teacher or Avatar, but shielded their members from the Theosophical Society’s espousal of J. KRISHNAMURTI in that role.

The Order did not survive long after the death of Frank Curtiss in 1946.


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