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Vasanta Press

Shortly after her election to the presidency of the Theosophical Society (TS), Annie Besant realized that the Society needed to print its own literature and in 1909, after equipment was received from England, the Vasanta Press began operation as her private venture. After her death in 1933, the press, together with the building she had constructed to house it, was inherited by the TS. In 1968 the foundation stone for a new building was laid and this was completed in 1970 and in that year the Press moved into its present quarters. The name “Vasanta,” which is Sanskrit for “spring” (lit. “the shining season”) is, in Hindi, “Vasant,” the Indian form of “Besant.”

The Vasanta Press publishes for The Theosophical Publishing House (Adyar), The Adyar Library and Research Center and some publications for The Theosophical Publishing House (Wheaton).


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