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God’s Arrival in India by David Reigle

David Reigle

Ancient India is considered to be the spiritual motherland of our planet. According to The Secret Doctrine, it was the home of the once universal Wisdom Tradition. From ancient India, called Åryåvarta, the wisdom teachings went forth into all the religions and philosophies of the world. H. P. Blavatsky writes:

For Åryåvarta, the bright focus into which had been poured in the beginning of time the flames of Divine Wisdom had become the center from which radiated the “tongues of fire” into every portion of the globe.1

The one Wisdom Tradition thus took various forms for various peoples. In time these varying forms became religious dogma. But all had their origin in the sacred land of Åryåvarta.

But all such dogma grew out of the one root, the root of wisdom, which grows and thrives on the Indian soil. There is not an Arch-angel that could not be traced back to its prototype in the sacred land of Åryåvarta.


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The foregoing article was written by David Reigle, and published inFohat, A Quarterly Publication of Edmonton Theosophical Society,vol. 7, no. 1, Spring 2003, pp. 6-11, and no. 2, Summer 2003, pp. 35-39,46-47, without the notes. This online edition is published by EasternTradition Research Institute, copyright 2004; some additions to thebibliography were made February 2007 and May 2015.