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Brochure on Karma

Karma is a law of spiritual dynamics that can be related to every act in daily life. ''Karma'' is a Sanskrit word, meaning action and implies the entire cycle of cause and effect. The law refers particularly to the accumulation of effects brought about by causes set in motion through our attitudes and actions in the past, and includes the new causes initiated in the present that will result in future effects.

Physics demonstrates that no particle of energy can be emitted without a natural result following. A stone tossed into the air returns to earth as a result of the law of gravity. Similarly, in life, as we bring together actions, thoughts and feelings, the result may follow at once or be postponed in accordance with obscure factors. All thought, desire and action disturb, in some measure, the equilibrium through a process of readjustment. The operation of this law is as truly a moral law as it is a physical law and can be directly observed as such.

This Brochure has been produced by the New Zealand Section.

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