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The Brotherhood of Angels and Men - Geoffrey Hodson


This remarkable book, dictated to Geoffrey Hodson by the angel Bethelda, calls for a reawakening of the bond between humans and the angelic realm a return to days when angels walked among men and women and helped them with their chores and labors. Written in clear, sparkling prose, it opens a portal into the kingdom of the shining ones, and explains how angels and their minions have been directed to cultivate new channels to the human race, so that they may work with men and women to promote: Greater health and painles childbirth. A deeper reverence for music and beauty. Patience and peace. A stronger bond with nature. An aura of sanctuary within the home. New creative vitality. Bethelda also describes the proper way for humans to approach the angelic kingdom and beseech their help. The angel sketches out a vision for what is possible, if humans and angels learn to work together toward the common goal of enlightening the earth plane. This vision is nothing less than the unification of the two kingdoms into a single Brotherhood of Angels and of Men. This book fills the empty corners of our character with grace, joy, beauty, and a deep sense of unity.

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