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Christmas of the Angels by Dora Kunz

The Christmas of he Angels by Dora Kunz

То students of the hidden side of life, Christmas is a most wonderful reality—a far greater reality than most of us think, since it involves the whole course of Nature, and not humanity alone. With us Christmas is the Birthday of Our Lord, the anniversary of His physical Incarnation upon earth; and because of that we try to make it a time of peace and goodwill toward all people, of unity and brotherly love. But have we ever wondered how such a unity is possible at Christmas, or why it is at this time of the year alone that people really do feel good will toward each other and think only of giving and not taking? For the “Christmas spirit” is proverbial; and it is so wides- pread, so genuine and so real that we must look deeper for an explanation of it than can be found in the mere commemoration of the Nativity of the Christ, whom so few today seem really to worship in their hearts.

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