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The Creative Silence - Rohit Mehta


Modern theosophical literature, vest and varied as it is, contains two exquisite gems of profound mysticism. They are Light on the path and the Voice of the Silence. The latter was the last gift of H.P. Blavatsky to the world, as it was published only two years before she passed away.

This book has a great relevance today as much confusion prevails all over the world regarding Yoga and Meditation, Spirituality and Psychism. The Voice of the Silence helps one to clear up these confusions, and put the aspirant on the right path of spiritual perception. This book may well be described as containing the essentials of the Yoga of Theosophy. The Voice of the Silence indicates that the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path is the Mind with its tendency to "slay the Real". It is true that the Real cannot be slain, but it can be covered over by the innumerable projections of the Mind. And this is exactly what happens.

The journey of the neophyte through the Three Halls described in he book is indeed a process whereby the projections of the Mind, even the subtlest, are put aside. The aspirant then enters the Vale of Bliss where he comes to the great ecstasy of spiritual experience. The book asks the neophyte to slay the slayer-but can mind be slain? If so, who slays the mind? Indeed, the mind cannot be slain, it slays itself. H.P.B. says "The Mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects". To observe the gathering of dust is the only way to keep the mirror clear and polished where no distortion of the image occurs. It is in this observation that the mind slays itself.

H.P.B. speaks of the tidal wave and allowing it to work itself out. It is thus that the mind comes to a deep silence where alone there occurs "Right Perception of existing things, the Knowledge of the non-existent".

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