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The Inner Reality - Paul Brunton


From the Preface:

I do not desire to convince others, but simply to radiate whatsoever of truth I have found; then others can pick it up or not as they wish. They must approach me of their own free will and not because I wish to act as a missionary to them. I do not seek to convert, much less compel, but to show others what they, too, can find within themselves.

Frankly, I have not become conscious of possessing any mission to this world, but the only one I would care to undertake, if the gods were to grant me the ability, would be to make men aware of the value of their own soul. Moreover, this personal freedom is not without some peculiar value of its own. Because I am independent of all allegiances and because I obey no other authority than that of my own inward monitor, I can freely afford to set down truths which have either been selfishly hidden or foolishly distorted in the past.



What is God?

A Sane Religion

The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Seven Beatitudes

Practical Help in Yoga

Psycho-spiritual Self-analysis

The Question of Asceticism

The Scripture of the Yogis: I. Renunciation

The Scripture of the Yogis: II. Revelation

The Scripture of the Yogis: III. Realization

Errors of the Spiritual Seeker

The Gospel According to St. John

The Mystery of Jesus


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