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An Introduction to the Science of Peace

An Introduction to the Science of Peace

ONE of the most valuable books issued under the inspiration of Theosophy is The Science of Peace, by Bhagavan ])as, the well-known Hon. Secretary of the Central Hi:nc;lu College, Benares, and just now the General Secretary of the Theosopltical Society in India. Those who seek a lasting intellectual foundation for their thinking will find much help in this valuable and original work. They should study it at first hand.

This booklet is only an attempt to bring that volume before the eyes of a wider public than is usually reached by books on meta- physic. It does not pretend to replace it, but only to attract readers to the original. I am not myself so good a metaphysician as is the author, and I may therefore have presentedhis thought imperfectly; but that is of no importance, since my aim is not to supplant but to introduce. I have myself found his work luminous and inspiring, and I seek only to share the pleasure and the benefit I have received. The ideas are the author's; the form and any imperfections in expression are mine.

Published in 1912

- Annie Besant

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